Uzbekistan Rapid Response Group (RRG)

23.08.2007 18:42 - English, Новости

Update in the Case of Shohruh Ismoilov

The RRG would like to update the information on the results of the investigation on the facts of torture against Shokhrukh Ismoilov, a resident of Ferghana city, Ferghana region, born in 1981. 

The RRG has previously disseminated information on the results of the public investigation on the facts of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment against Shokhrukh Ismoilov.   On March 28, 2007, local policemen under the direction of the Fergana City Ministry of Interior (FCMI) severely beat Mr. Ismoilov.  The RRG intervention urged the heads of the FCMI to conduct a judicial inquiry into the legal responsibility of the accused policemen. At the time of this written submission, the criminal case against 12 policemen of the FCMI was suspended by the definition of the court. The criminal case was opened on the basis of a complaint from Usmonali Ismoilov, a father of Sh. Ismoilov. Fergana Oblast Branch of the National Security Service (FSNB) led a criminal investigation into the role of the local Fergana policemen in this criminal case.  

On March 27 2007 Sh. Ismoilov was severely beaten by 12 policemen of the FCMI. The policemen began to assault Mr. Ismoilov inside his store. When the resulting noise attracted potential witnesses from the surrounding businesses, the policemen twisted Mr. Ismoilov’s arm and lead him to their car. On the way to their destination, the policemen continued to hit Mr. Ismoilov in the head and the trunk of his body. Upon arriving at FCMI, the policemen holding Mr. Ismoilov led him to a room on the fourth floor.  The policemen then stripped him naked, handcuffed him, and for almost an hour proceeded to beat him.   The beating primarily consisted of close fisted strikes to his face and stomach as well as kicks to Mr. Ismoilov’s legs, head and stomach.  They also picked him up by his arms and legs and threw him to the floor.  

After such reprisals the policement let Sh. Ismoilov go home. It has to be noted that Sh. Ismoilov was detained and beaten only because he refused to record a pornographic movie upon the request of Bakhodir Abdujabbarov, an investigator of the FCMI.

Mr. Ismoilov’s father filed an official complaint with the head of the FCMI later that same day.  Judging that this official had little inclination to take remedial action against his subordinates, Mr. Ismoilov’s father on March 29 with an RRG member jointly filed an official complaint with the FSNB Fergana City office.   The complaint asserted that twelve Fergana City policemen had violated Articles 206 (Exceeding Statutory Authority) and 235 (Application of Torture and other Harsh, Inhumane, or Degrading Forms of Punishment) of the Uzbek Constitution in the detaining and beating of Mr. Ismoilov.  The FSNB officers accepting the complaint refused to recognize the possible Article 235 violation, leaving only the potential Article 206 violation for consideration. Joint efforts of the RRG together with the lawyer on opening a criminal case against the policemen of the FCMI under articles 235 (Application of Torture and other Harsh, Inhumane, or Degrading Forms of Punishment), 234 (Unlawful arrest or detention) and 205 (Exceeding power or statutory authority) were unfortunately unsuccessful. The principle offenders are Mr. Abduzhabbov, Azizzhon Soliyev, Criminal Investigation Officer and Ulugbek Mirzaakhmedov and Akmalzhon Komilzhonov, FCMI staff members.

According to the information the RRG has on August 15 2007 the Ferghana regional court on criminal cases made a decision on the criminal case against the 12 policemen of the FCMI. According to that decision the hearings on the criminal case were suspended because B. Abdujabbarov, one of the defendants, was missing. He is announced in the wanted list.

The RRG shall inform the public about the results of that case.

- Rapid Response Group

August 17 2007